gym registration & timetable

To sign up for the Gym and obtain a key fob you must be a member of Athlone GAA Club and also register as a Gym User and pay the €70 Gym Maintenance Fee.  Registration is then valid for 12 months.

To pay €70 and register for the first time you have to do the following:

1.  Click “Connect” in the top right corner of the below timetable;

2.  Click on any session in the timetable as if booking into it;

3.  You will be prompted to make payment;

4. Admin will then be notified you have made payment and we will contact you in order to arrange for delivery of key fob.

Please ensure you check the timetable before using the gym and sign in  for your Open Gym session on LegitFit every time you use Open Gym.

Make sure and add the LegitFit App to your home screen on your phone to make it easy to check the timeable and book Open Gym sessions.

Please ensure you are familiar with the Gym Rules and have completed Gym Induction.